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    3. Category - Haircut

      Philips CC5060 Kids’ Clipper

      Philips thinks of the shaving and trimming needs for men, women, and even children. You can purchase the Philips CC5060 Kids’ Clipper to trim kids’ hair. This clipper is a smaller version than the ones for men. It provides a safe and easy way to trim your son’s hair at home, without a lot of […]

      Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart Review

      Some men don’t want to settle for a boring men’s cordless and rechargeable shaver, so they want something unique. The Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart is a unique looking shaver for the man who not only wants a cool product to display on their bathroom counter, but also to have a unique and personal, quality […]

      Old Spice Hair Clipper, Powered by Braun

      Braun and Old Spice are two popular brands that have collaborated together to make a line of cordless men’s personal grooming products. The Old Spice Hair Clipper powered by Braun is made in a slender long design with a plastic red case and black parts. The on/off black button is located on the bottom portion […]

      Wahl Groom Pro Review

      Wahl makes a line of men’s personal grooming products that are gaining in popularity. The Wahl Groom Pro Body Grooming Kit offers a large selection of grooming products in one kit, so men can save money. This kit is under $23, and contains everything you need. There are actually separate clippers and trimmers, and they […]